Friday, December 28, 2018

Prelude to a Year of Games

 I am constantly inventing new tasks that I am not capable of completing. Some because I don't have the skill (such as playing music or learning to read Japanese), some because I don't have the time, and most due to a combination of the two. Time is more often than not the deciding factor.

I am particularly susceptible to this sort of excessive planning when I am on vacation and free from thinking about work. This holiday season is no exception.

Years ago I started a project to read a poem by a different poet each day for a month and write about it. This worked for a month or two but by the third month time got away from me and it was abandoned mid-month. I tried to pick it up again, but that too failed.

This year, being overly optimistic as I always am, I thought "maybe I should play a video game for 15 minutes every day for a month and write about that." I have more than enough lying around to fill a month or more and I wouldn't be attempting any sort of serious review — more like a comment on any quirks or minor treats I encounter.

But seriously, this is never going to happen. I barely have the 15 minutes a day to play the game, never mind the time to write down my thoughts. (For example, this prelude itself has been underway for three days now. I am not a fast writer.)

But then I thought, well, if I can't play every day, maybe I should aim to play once a week. So a game every week for a year. That would be only 52 games. I should be able to do that...

Well, we shall see. A year of games? Might end up being only a few weeks or a month or so. But could be fun. Let's try it!

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