Friday, February 11, 2011

"Someone Speaks"

Someone recently posted a few lines from one of my poems over on Tumblr. The lines came from a poem called "Someone Speaks", which was originally published in the Chicago Review.

I am pleased to know people enjoyed what they saw. But the poem in its entirety is hard to find so I thought I would post it here if anyone is looking for it.

Someone Speaks
Someone speaks
and the room fills with words. 
I am surprised by the whiteness
of sheets folded in cupboards and drawers. 
Because the leaves have fallen
footsteps can be heard much farther away. 
When I entered the room
I could see what had passed between them. 
These and other things
mean nothing at twenty below zero. 
If we were ghosts, he said,
we could pass through each other without causing harm. 
If we were ghosts, she said,
we would not see each other coming.

This poem is part of a larger manuscript called A Life of Feasting. You can find more more of my work, here. Enjoy.


noshling said...

this has some great imagery!

Friedl! said...

I've posted the entire poem on my tumblr (, it's incredibly beautiful!

Andrew Gent said...