Monday, June 25, 2007


A new blog? Why?

Well, for all the usual reasons. I've asked myself that question a number of times, while debating whether to start a blog at all. And the answers do not sound any better in my head than they do when I hear others state them:
  • A place to express myself on subjects of personal interest
  • A testing ground for ideas that have been fermenting, half-baked, in my mind over a long period
  • An opportunity to interact with others interested in the same subjects as myself...
Nothing really substantial enough to explain adding another small voice to the cacophony of 75million + blogs. But in the end, the answer is, why not?

I don't expect many people to read these postings. If you do: welcome, and I hope you find them interesting enough to justify the time spent. If not, that's OK. because I think I have come to the conclusion that -- if for no other reason -- this blog will be useful as a prompt, spurring me on to get my thoughts down in writing, formally, in an organized fashion. They may never go any further than that. But with luck I will then be able to discuss them a little more clearly when called upon.

It's just a thought. And there's no way to tell until I try.

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